Sadachari Saibaba Swami Om Ji – Biography, Wiki, Personal Details, Age, Height

Swami Om Ji is one of the most intellectual people that can be seen on this planet. He has got a very humorous personality and can make anyone laugh with his comic skills. But this swami is a man associated with a lot of controversies because of his acts.

Sadachari Saibaba Swami Om Ji

Sadachari Saibaba Swami Om Ji
Sadachari Saibaba Swami Om Ji

Personal details

Swami Om Ji also popular by the name of S Sadachari Saibaba Om Ji is a middle-aged man who proclaims to be a spiritual person. He is highly related to politics and has got deep connections there. He has got a lively presence and can make people laugh with ease.

Swamiji says that he wants to devote his life to serving others both spiritually and politically. He even says that he belongs to an independent political party from Palika Bazaar in New Delhi that has contested in the Delhi Elections, 2015.

OM Swami ji claims that he was approached by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself, out for campaigning.

Sadachari Saibaba Swami Om Ji Biography

Name- Sadachari Saibaba Swami Om Ji
Birth date- Unknown
Profession- Astrologer
Origin- New Delhi, India
Height- 5 feet and 2 inches
Favorite star- unknown

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Latest details

Saibaba Swami Om Ji is presently a part of the 10th season of the very popular TV show Bigg Boss which is aired on the channel Colours and is hosted by Bollywood megastar Salman Khan. Swamiji has been the first contestant of this season and has given a very impressive introduction while he was called up on stage.

Sadachari Saibaba Swami Om Ji
Sadachari Saibaba Swami Om Ji

He has continuously made the audience laugh and even teased the host Salman Khan by saying that he will very soon find an appropriate wife for the star. With an entertaining personality like this in the house of the Bigg Boss 10, we can expect a pretty impressive show. He will be needed to calm down heated situations in the show of Bigg Boss.

Om Ji is having 40% chances become winner of bigg boss season 10.

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Nothing as such is known about his family. He says that the entire human race is his family and he wants to serve everyone on this planet.

Career path

Om Swami baba is highly educated as he had done his Ph.D. in Astrology. He is an important part of the BJP and claims himself to be an indispensable person in the political world of India.

Saibaba Swami Om Ji has got a nice fluency in Sanskrit and is referred to as Om Ji by his friends. He has the motto of making the world full of peace and tranquillity. Presently he has taken entry into the house of the Bigg Boss.

Girlfriends and marriage

Swami Om Ji is still single.


  1. Swami is cheater man that he tried to pull all men to him self if swami know future so he must say is he is coming eliminate or no thanks a lot I request from bigg boss to ask him that he leave his lie face from public please don’t left my comment without answer.

  2. If you believe there is such thing as real baba then you are an idiot . That is why this baba is a real baba ; because they are all fake. This guy is willing to go on international TV and prove the point. MUCH entertainment

  3. Sadachari nahi durachari hai ye ****. He should be be**** up when he gets out and should be d***ged to the police. ****, double-faced *****

  4. This baba will lead to an end of his image and followers..also bjp should not entertain such peole .he is similar to asharam bapu.

  5. Baba is right most of the time minus the crap that he throws out at the audience :)! Rohan you better watch out now! You took panga with him and now your time is coming close to get eliminated! Good man just doing what most babas in India do :)! You bring out the real personalities of the housemates. Rohan use to hide behind the cute face…you brought out his real crappy personality! Manu use to hide behind his charming stories and you brought out his Cheap personality! All Manu knows is to be cheap and cut out people’s food. Seems like he comes from a real poor family in order to rashan so much! Then we have Mr. Engineer. He initially pretended that he NEVER gets angry! He said th Salman “sir what can I do…this is how I’m brought up. My upbringing is not my fault”. What happened now? Seems like his real angry self is coming out. Then comes miss waanabe…Bani…let’s not even talk about her. I don’t want to waste my time! You bring out the good in MANVEER! Him respecting elders no matter how ridiculous the elders are makes him really attractive on the screen. Asli roop to Swami Ji Nikal te hai sab Ka! Keep it up but, chill a little! You will have more followers then ever before. Anyone misbehaving with their elders only make themselves look bad to millions of viewers. Also, toda faikna kam Kara to ache dikhne lege ho:)!

    • Really…look rest of the India brought him back!!! Go Swami Om Ji!!! Don’t listen to Salman (9 saw rats kha ke Salman huj Ji chala)!!!! He himself has given much heartache to his family and past girlfriends!!!! I have seen it at a personal level at a concert when I was backstage. His misbehavior with Ashwarya was heard on the phone!!!!

      • Yes but Salman was younger then, don’t people change , are you the same u we’re 10 years ago?, he is more mature now and has done so many good deeeda that no one can even compare to him, besides Om is a spiritual man?, he curses, P**ses in kitchen, pretends to be a vegetarian and then says I will say sorry to god and continues eating non veg?, and then tells Bani that her mom will die??, and how many times will he apologize?, have u seen his behavior in in the house?, I am getting so fed up by just hearing his annoying voice!!!!, pls pls get him OUTTTTTT!!!

    • In previous seasons of Big Boss also there where Contestants who where theif, Swami Om should not be blamed only for this, The Big Boss didn’t thrown out those Contestants after their theft. But I am not supporting his wrong acts.

  6. बाबा के नाम पे कलंक है ये आदमी ।झूठा बत्तमीज है घर में सब लड़कियो को मेरी बेटी मेरी बेटी करता है और उन्ही के बारे में घटिया घटिया बाते बोलता है साला। पता नहीं कहा से पकड़ के ला लिए इसे साधू सन्यासियों का नाम खराब कर रहा है ये आदमी।

    • Beti should then behave like a beti!!! It’s not babas fault! He speaks the truth and no one wants to hear the truth! Chubhta hai na!!!!!

  7. Kuchh bhi #BB10 Me sabse jyada entertainer hai BABA boss hai …HHhhhahhah Mauj to yhi leta hai sabki aur rhi bat Game me sab fare hai BABA well know about ….Manu Punjabi bhi jyada politics krta hai sabse superub and bold koi hai to hai MANVEER ..Sala BC koi bhi ho samne ek hi tone me …lapetata hai

  8. I hate him… **** off dude.. **** *** *** .. Nonsense bla bla… Beakal insaan..oh sorry he is not insaan….low class **** *** he is…i wanna to *** him always.. I hate his face … No comments for him… Gawarr ..

    • People who are commenting are not understanding that Rohan and Mr. Gaurav Chopra are the ones who are fake!!!! Baba stands with his people…what did Babi do? She betrayed Jaffa for a backstabbing man (Gustav). Salman would be an idiot to say anything to Baba as Bani is the one who instigated the whole thing.

    • Oh cursing and then calling baba cheap? Look who’s talking!!!!! :)!!!! Baba is actually the most real person in the house unlike bani and Gaurav Chopra….aka the ACTOR! Ugly dude BTW!

      • I appriceiate Nav what have u said, but Then Swami Om should not say about her mother that she will die, her mother is not in the show , Swami Om should have scold Only Bani for her Betraying and her mother also suffered from Cancer.

  9. This baba is a dhongi and a cheat for the whole game as well as for the whole of India. A person when has the guts to say a girl’s mother to die he can never respect and live for India and call it as its Mother.

  10. Om Ji is the most popular face of bigg boss 10, he is a very big dramatic entertainer in bigg boss history …I lyk his performance and his stupid behavior
    if he will be make our p.m …we bought america in a day bcz he has spiritual connection wid god 😉 chill guys just joking

    • Sir he is most entertainment in house may it be in whatever way surely he is gaing popularity for wrong doing but u will agree that atleat he is worth watching and making laugh of himself which is difficult task.

    • People Generally at Old age gets Angry , but Swami Ohm should keep calm and what about that BABA RAMDEV he is young and selling Patanjali Products which he is even making Advertisement and it is showing wrong effects and still his products are advertised.

  11. yes… Big boss is now popular because of OM Ji only not due to Salman I would say. Om ji… Carry on… You have a huge supporter. Carry on…

  12. Those who dislike OMji, why not you shutdown your TV watching bigboss till OMji presence. and continue watch after OMji out from house. I know those who saying they are actually enjoying the show due to presence of one man who full entertaining.

  13. Om ji will stay more days in big boss house coz BB want more fight in the show that is reality. Salam
    Khan make them fight n then he will say u r wrong
    More fight in BB house more contervesail that wat BB aim

  14. Swami om is a half mind person the main aim of om ji is entertain the audience but unfortunately he goes on wrong path by violating the rules of bigg boss that’s why all the contested not like him

  15. I believe swami om is a good gentleman and he is upset as ppl know him as baba he is actually wishes to have family not to leave but to rule if he be part of any family.

    He has dignity word in his vocabulary but he has only to tell people not to adhere in his own life.

    Good things abt him: –

    He is sound and knows where to talk, what to talk and when to talk.

    Though he has not been in ppl bcoz of his goodness i believe ppl have just kept him bcoz of his numbness.

    If we stop to read book we might loose basics of it same way he been far from the basics of sadhusm… So now he is empty totally be mind and work now as i think so.

  16. What a fake personality this baba is… You cheap. Badass. **** off dude. You don’t even deserve to stay on this planet. In fact I think you are kinda mad. Idiot. How insane a person can be. I support lopa mudra. This person should be thrown out of this house. He only knows to create nonsense and nothing else. After lopa o would support rohan or manu. But baba **** ki **** marega

  17. Om Ji is having 40% chances become winner of bigg boss season 10 !!!

    r u kidding with me ???? i thing the author have not seen a single episode of #biggboss10