Priyanka Jagga – Biography, Wiki, Personal Details, Age, Height

Priyanka Jagga is a 32 years old woman of India who belongs to the common public of the nation. She is a very pretty lady both by looks and from heart. She knows how to live life in a royal manner and is quite well off.

Priyanka Jagga

Priyanka Jagga
Priyanka Jagga

Personal details

Priyanka Jagga is a woman of modern mentality and is a resident of New Delhi in the very modern India. With some killer looks and an attractive body, this married woman can impress anyone with her charm and glamour. She is very smart and has got some connections in Bollywood as well.

Priyanka takes a lot of interest in photography and has always aspired to be a model. Due to some reasons, she had to get married earlier, and that is why her modelling career could not reach the greater heights which she wished for. She even loves to dance and party with her friends.

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Priyanka Jagga Biography

Name- Priyanka Jagga
Age- 32 Years
Birth date- 17th December 1984
Origin- Delhi, India
Profession- Marketing Recruiter
Hobbies- Dancing, Playing Badminton, Singing & Talking to Everyone
Height- 5 feet and 6 inches
Favourite star- Hrithik Roshan

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Latest details

Priyanka Jagga is currently a part of the 10th season of the Bigg Boss show which is aired on Colours and is hosted by the Bollywood superstar Salman Khan. She is a married lady of an elite class society and keeps a very modern mentality.

Priyanka Jagga
Priyanka Jagga

With some good experience in her account, both in professional and personal lives, she will give all the other contestants a run for their money. Besides her charm and her attractive body is enough to knock down her opponents in the house. This lady being present in the house, the competition is expected to get intense.

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Priyanka Jagga belongs to a high-class family. Since childhood, she has grown up with a lot of luxuries and has been provided with everything she needed. Her father is one of the prestigious businessmen of Delhi and has supported her in all of her activities both financially and emotionally.

Priyanka is a pampered child but cares for her parents a lot. Besides, she has got a loving husband as well.

Career path

Priyanka’s career took off as a part-time model and a full-time marketing recruiter. Also known as Priyanka Jagga Muise, she is the owner of a YouTube channel and promotes her own videos there.

She was even a part of the famous Glam Hunt show which took place in Mumbai. She is now a part of the show of Bigg Boss, and the fans are expecting a superb performance from this fashionista.

Boyfriends and marriage

Priyanka is married, but the name of her husband has not been revealed.


  1. I wish i could have voted for priyanka jagga.she played really well. I think that she will be back soon in bb 10.she deserves to be there.

  2. Priyanka ko game se negative publicity mili..doesn’t deserve to be in bigg boss…koi quality nhi h winners manners and ettiquetes.

  3. She is mannerless lady wid no class being call a married women from elite class.. she doesnt hav basic manners. Dont knw hw cd smone write sc biography.

  4. Ye konse high class family se hai lol
    Mujhe to lagta hai ye koi joparpati se aaye hai
    Isko dhek kar vomate hote hai kassam se yaar
    Looking ugly and cheap

  5. Mona is being used by Manu. Now she should understand this. Manu is very cunning. Manvir is good. No doubt he is winner in the heart of India. Nitibha may use him ahead. And in the case of so called celebrity, Gaurav is using a wise girl. Lopa is in the house for his beautiful face. She does deserve. Rohan may win the competition. Mona also may be a finalist. But today she is nominated. And my lots of votes are with her.


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