Lopamudra Raut – Biography, Wiki, Personal Details, Age, Height

Lopamudra Raut is a very popular model in the modelling industry. She is said to be an angel on earth. She can sweep anyone off their feet with her charm and glamour. She can be referred to as a beauty queen.

Lopamudra earned fame for herself while representing India at the Miss United Continents 2016 pageant. She earned the title of a 2nd runner-up there and made India proud of her.

Lopamudra Raut

Lopamudra Raut
Lopamudra Raut

Personal Life

Lopamudra belongs to a conservative Marathi family. Thus naturally she did not get the support of her parents throughout her journey to fame. She alone kept in her fight to get to the top.

Lopamudra Raut entire community was against her, yet she never gave up. She is from Nagpur, Maharashtra. Sources say that she wanted to be a model since her very childhood. She used to pose in front of the camera with brilliant expressions. Today, her determination has taken her to the top.

Lopamudra Raut Biography

Personal Details- Lopamudra Raut
Birthdate: 7th October 1991
Age- 26 Years
Height- 5ft 10 Inches
Profession- Model, Engineer
Hobbies- Playing Basket Ball, Travelling & Singing
Current City- Nagpur
Zodiac Sign- Libra
Home- Nagpur, Maharashtra
Education- B.Tech in Electrical Engineering
Nationality- Indian
Religion- Hindu
Occupation- Model
Reality Show- Bigg Boss 10

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Boyfriend/Marriage – She is currently single, but is always forced to get married by her community. Though currently, her parents support her, still she has to deal with the problems of getting married.


Lopamudra Raut is mainly known because of being a finalist in FBB Femina Miss India. She won the title of Miss India Goa 2013 runner’s up and therefrom selected in the 2013 edition of Miss India. She has got loads of experience in this field along with stunning looks and a perfect body.

Lopamudra Raut
Lopamudra Raut

Lopamudra Raut managed to steal the heart of the judges and take an entry into the final round of FBB Miss India 2014 edition. Her photos in bikinis come out so perfect that she even became a recipient of the best figure award in 2015 for an extremely good-looking body.

Besides being a successful model, Lopamudra Raut is a very promising student as well. She completely keeps faith in the quote, ‘The pen is mightier than the sword‘. Thus she is pursuing her studies from Nagpur only to get the title of a good student as well. She says that she does not want people to believe that she chose modelling as a career because she was done with education.



She is also having 80% chances to become bigg boss 10 winner.

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She wants to do her higher studies abroad and show her community that a girl can be the jack of all trades and even be the mistress of everything.


Compared to her age, Lopamudra Raut has achieved a lot within a very short period of time. And she is to be credited for all of her achievements. It is the result of her very strong will and determination that she has been able to reach so far.

Lopamudra Raut is also a social worker and follows her sister Bhagyashree in this respect. She quotes that modesty and intelligence are the topmost need of any society to usher in change. She idolizes the former Miss world Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. India is very proud of this extremely talented and beautiful girl.


  1. it looks like everyone is against Lopa now in the BB house..She has become a targetsince the call center task..everyone projected her as a culprit, bt its only Salman who stood for her/ clarified issues. yet housemates like manveer suddenly became bani fans post the task.. I am a fan of both manveer and lopa, but recent episodes attacking lopa upsets me..I wish at least bani should be evicted before Lopa.. that itself is a victory for her..

    • That’s horrible thinking. I begin to like her but then I look at the people who support her. They are all so cruel. To say ‘at least another girl should be taken out of the house before her’ is disgusting. As if that will prove anything. I am a Bani fan but Lopa is STILL rocking, regardless of whether she stays longer than Bani or not. She doesn’t have to prove herself against another woman. They are both amazing!

  2. LOPA madam GM u r BTECH Electrical that means you belong the glorious world of Thomas Alva Edison Michel Faraday Ampere Voltas who laid their lives for evolution of Electrical Engineering great I give 10/10 2U